The role of the CFO is changing. CFOs are being chartered with more strategic responsibilities within organisations that go beyond traditional finance functions. A recent McKinsey & Company report found 40% of CFOs spend most of their time on non-finance issues. Here are 3 major issues shouldered by today’s CFOs.

While external reporting and maintaining a strong treasury focus are still critical requirements, CFOs are being turned to as agents of change within their organisations and expected to bring additional value to the table.

However, along with this broadening role, CFOs also face fundamental technology and industry shifts that affect all levels and aspects of the business.

To strengthen credibility, modern CFOs must understand the potential impact of these transitions on their brand, operations, and profitability. In order to do so and stay on the forefront in evolving times, today’s CFOs need insights into three critical areas:

  1. The Rise of Big Data
  2. Adapting to the changing Regulatory Requirements
  3. Cyber Security protection from invisible threats

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