Integrating digital into all aspects of the business has become critical. According to one Harvard study, companies that embrace digital technology innovation experience nearly 20 percent higher gross margin than the laggards. Similarly, the research shows that digital leaders outperform the laggards both in average earnings and net income. Given the direct impact of sales on revenue attainment, incorporating a digital approach within sales performance management (SPM) is especially critical. However, as companies turn to digital solutions to streamline and automate their SPM processes, they must carefully assess how these solutions support other key business priorities.

Lowering operational and financial risks is essential to safeguard a company’s reputation as this:

  • Maximises ROI,
  • Increase efficiencies,
  • Drives revenue growth.

As companies look to implement new SPM technologies, they must evaluate their capabilities to ensure that they reduce rather than increase operational and financial risks.

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