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If only there was a formula that took the pain out and put insight into your planning.

Just imagine how much easier the planning process could be, how quickly you could re-forecast when things change. Imagine a planning tool that replaced complexity and pain with intelligent tools that automated planning, budgeting and forecasting, delivering real insight from your data.

Join us at our webinar 10am on 22nd October and you won’t need to imagine, you can see it for real.

Here’s three great reasons to attend:

  •  Find out exactly how Financial Planning & Analytics can transform your business
  • Hear from a customer, and understand exactly how it worked for them
  • Discover how you can get hands on with planning analytics for free

We’ll end the session with an interactive Q&A where our experts can answer any questions you have.

We get it. From that original forecast so carefully created back in 2019 – before we’d even heard of CoVID-19 – to today’s transient planning. Agility in financial planning and analytics has moved from an objective to an imperative.

We’ve partnered with IBM to create powerful tools that make planning quicker, easier and more accurate. Built with integration and security at its core, and a familiar Excel user interface, you’ll be turning data into insight that could transform the way finance operates in your business.

Find out exactly how at our free webinar.