Many of the G20 Transaction Reporting obligations have been in place for a few years but the recent go-live of MiFID II and the upcoming SFTR have given many companies a valid reason to automate and consolidate their post reporting reconciliation processes. It is therefore now, more than ever, essential that the right framework and controls are put in place.

Core to each of the G20 reporting regimes is the requirement for transaction data to be presented to the respective regulators in a timely fashion. A great deal of expense and time has gone into creating eligibility and pre-eligibility checkers but little to nothing has been done by firms to satisfy theĀ regulators requirement for post reporting reconciliations.

AutoRek can assist you firm with reconciling transaction data across all the G20 Reporting Obligations regimes using a single controls framework that meets the various regulatory requirements and adheres to the individual, jurisdictional data laws.