In a recent webinar, Erik Charles, VP of Strategic Marketing at Xactly Corporation and Lawrie Holmes, Moderator and Acting Editor of Financial Director provided an update on the first 6 months following IFRS 15 coming into effect, as well they examined how you can succeed with IFRS 15 in the long term.

Some highlights from the conversation cover:

  • A clear and concise overview of the last 6 months, since IFRS 15 came into effect.
  • An examination of the impact on incentive plan design, plan calculations and reporting using real scenarios where companies have been affected by IFRS 15.
  • Tips on best practices and how to be successful with IFRS 15 in the long term.


Maybe your IFRS 15 compliance process is underway? Or maybe you’re just starting out? It’s not too late. We know things come up – so we’ve recorded this webinar with that in mind.

Click below to Listen on demand at your leisure and feel free to share.