The Hampton-Alexander Review of UK boardroom diversity has criticised UK companies that fail to appoint women to board level roles.

Five British companies have failed to appoint a single woman to their boards more than two years after the government ordered the UK’s 350 biggest firms to ensure that women hold at least a third of boardroom positions by 2020.

A further 75 companies were highlighted by the Hampton-Alexander review of UK boardroom diversity for appointing only one woman to their boards in a “tokenistic gesture”

Even at companies where there were several women on the board, Sir Philip Hampton said women were more often in non-executive rather than executive roles- with only a handful of female CEO and CFO roles in the FTSE-100.

This theme will be examined closely at the Financial Director Women in Finance event on Thursday, which is the subject of today’s lead story in which business leaders, politicians and accountancy body chiefs express the urgency of the summit.


Tech giant Apple’s shares sank by 5% on Monday, dragging down US markets and wiping more than $40bn (£31bn) off the tech giant’s market value.

The fall followed a profit warning from some of the firm’s suppliers, which exacerbated concerns that demand for iPhones is slowing.