A bill implementing the Brexit deal will be introduced in the first week of June,whcuh Downing Street said is imperative if the UK is to leave the EU before MPs’ summer recess.

The government also said talks with Labour would continue on Wednesday in an attempt to agree a way through the Brexit impasse.


The UK’s second biggest steel producer British Steel is seeking a new £75m taxpayer loan to avert collapse, just two weeks after it was handed £120m of taxpayer support.
Bayer’s share price fell 3% yesterday after an elderly US couple were awarded $2bn after suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma after years of exposure to weedkiller Roundup, a product of US agro firm Monsanto that the German pharma group recently acquired.
Bayer issued an apology on Sunday, after French prosecutors said they were investigating claims that Monsanto had compiled information about influential politicians, activists and journalists in a bid to help it’s lobbying efforts.