Yesterday Carlos Tavares, chief executive of Vauxhall’s owner PSA said lack of clarity over Brexit threatens the future of Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port operation, saying “We cannot invest in a world of uncertainty.”

He said: “No one is going to make huge investments without knowing what will be the final competitiveness of the Brexit outcome.” He added that the decision on whether or not to give Ellesmere Port plant more work would need to be taken “very soon”.

This is bad news, given the UK’s car manufacturing industry- a noticeable success in recent years- could suffer heavily if the eventual Brexit deal is not negotiated well.

In the meantime, government sources have said Business Secretary Greg Clark has met with Vauxhall’s senior management team on a number of occasions to understand their plans for the Ellesmere Port plant.

What happens next is vital because of the very large supply chains the car industry has in some of the country’s industrial heartlands.

Which is presumably why, back in 2016, Nissan was understood to have been given commitments from Prime Minister Theresa May  resulting in the Japanese company announcing it would build the next generation of two models at its plant in Sunderland.

Will Vauxhall be offered a similar deal in the days to come? What of the other carmakers and companies in other manufacturing sectors?