Brussels has rejected the UK’s proposals on how to govern the City of London’s access to the European market after Brexit, saying Theresa May’s latest financial services plan would rob the EU of its “decision-making autonomy”.

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, told European affairs ministers on Friday that the British prime minister’s vision for the City’s future relationship with the EU would violate the principle that access rights to the bloc’s financial services market are a gift from Brussels that can be freely withdrawn.


Given the huge challenge that Brexit is creating for finance directors- in terms of how they are attempting to plan ahead in an environment of increasing political chaos Financial Director will be launching a monthly feature called Brexit Voice.

This initiative is aimed at giving FDs the chance to vent their frustrations or pose straightforward questions about how to address day-to-day challenges or develop long term strategy in this changing landscape- and offers scope for others to offer ideas and solutions.

Moe details will follow shortly.