After a marathon lock-in of her Cabinet, Theresa May won backing for a pro-business plan to keep the UK intimately bound to the EU single market and customs union.

In Friday’s summit the Prime Minister forced the hand of key Brexiteers in the government including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to toe the line supporting the plan- which comes before a white paper in a few days defining the position.

But while finance directors of companies may be thinking that a ‘soft Brexit’ deal can now progress, the threat of a ‘hard Brexit- featuring a no-deal on WTO terms still looms large.

This outcome- that hugely concerns Airbus, JLR BMW and others- may still be a possibility if hardline Leavers elsewhere mount a significant protest to the May deal.

Then there is the small matter of convincing the EU to go along with the new offer from the UK- Brexiteers may hope the EU rejects the new position. Whatever the outcome, there is still a long way to go in the Brexit saga.