Over the last few months one business story has continued to fascinate.

The arrest of Carlos Ghosn, the charismatic leader of the companies of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance- last November astonished the corporate world.

The Brazilian-born French-Lebanese was not only pivotal in creating in the Alliance the world’s biggest carmaker he also defined the global approach to addressing the challenges of modern industry.

There are various theories about what led to the arrest, some have suggested a power struggle between Renault and Nissan to be the dominant partner in the Alliance.

But one thing is certain. As with other dominant personalities, Ghosn’s sudden removal has forced the car makers involved to react quickly.

Today we feature an interview with Clotilde Delbos, the CFO of Renault, who has had to respond to address shareholder concerns and plot a way forward for one of France’s key companies “It’s what you have to do. It’s your job,” she says.

Most importantly, she reveals the need for personal and corporate level resilience and the importance business continuity measures.