The collapse of RBS is one of the world’s biggest ever corporate disasters-following a meteoric rise to become the world’s biggest financial institution.

The apocryphal tale of downfall is one of the most symbolic of the financial crisis- when the global  system came crashing down.

Ewen Stevenson played a key role in saving RBS, as well as a number of other UK financial institutions in those dark, terrifying days.

AS CFO, he is now committed to returning RBS to health so that the bank’s majority taxpayer owned share can be privatised, no small feat given its toxic balance sheet was at one stage significantly bigger then the UK economy.

In this rare, wide-reaching interview, Stevenson reveals the weight of expectation to deliver on that promise while operating in the public glare.

Succeeding in such an environment, despite a series of major scandals that threaten to derail the recovery, is a powerful story we can all learn from.