All eyes will be on European stock markets after the week started in turmoil- with any volatility creating concerns for the global finacial system.

The prospect of fresh Italian elections and the possibility of eurosceptic parties strengthening their position has raised concern about the eurozone’s stability.

The Dow Jones index shed 1.6% and the S&P 500 lost 1.2%, coming after Italy’s FTSE MIB closed down 2.7% and Europe’s other main markets shed well over 1%.

In the meantime, fears over Brexit are not subsiding.

Reports suggest the EU is moving to limit British companies’ involvement in the new European Defence Industrial Development Programme, which will have an initial budget of €500m.

That is while the UK government is locked in dispute with the EU over elements of Britain’s proposed future relationship with the bloc, including a bar on the UK remaining a full member of the multi-billion euro Galileo satellite navigation project.

Finance directors might be forgiven for harbouring some feelings of nervousness.