As the retail landscape evolves, with many brands falling by the wayside, the golden arches continue to dominate the high street and elsewhere.

McDonald’s has thrived in the UK because it leaders – CFO John Park and CEO Paul Pomroy, the former finance chief- are highly effective innovators.

The restaurants may appear familiar to the millions who return again and again to gorge themselves on familiar fare of burgers and sides, but behind the scenes an evolution of the brand has taken shape.

By capturing the insights from a huge amount of data, McDonald’s has been able to rework the format to appeal to new consumers- while not losing its core customer base.

The data-enabled leadership team has over the years taken on the challenge of the coffee chains and introduced salads to offset concerns about a lack of healthy options. Its has now introduced a high tech menu board to make ordering faster and simpler.

Its image may take a battering from time to time, but McDonald’s continues to deliver.

Ongoing success reflects the determination of its team to keep innovating- and in doing so, seeing off any threats.