The UK is no nearer to resolving the chaos surrounding its departure from the European Union after parliament failed yesterday to find a majority of its own for any alternative to Theresa May’s divorce deal.

All four indicative votes were defeated last night- the closest being the 276-273 outcome for  a customs union deal.

The result is more chaos until the impasse can be broken with 11 days to go until the clock runs down.

A fourth attempt by Theresa May for a version of her withdrawal agreement may be tabled today, and possibly another round of indicative votes if that fails tomorrow.

Some combination of two versions of the last indicative votes or some features of an indicative vote added to the prime minister’s latest offer may cross the line.

But the government may by then implode- resulting in a general election. You have been warned.


Tech giant Huawei has been at the centre of a major global dispute over potential security issues that has divided the West and China, with seemingly no end in sight.

The company vigorously denies any wrongdoing. In the meantime, its CFO is still in Canadian custody, awaiting potential extradition to the US.

We look at the background to the ongoing saga- including the power games being played out behind the scenes between the US and China- and what may happen next.