Barely a day goes by without another major fraud being revealed at a large or well-known organisation. These are the just the ones that feature on everyone’s radar, so presumably what we see is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corporate crime.

But last week’s revelation that wine with a value of over $1m was stolen from under the nose of a senior Goldman Sachs member of staff is extraordinary by any stretch of the imagination. It’s enough to alarm any finance chief.

In an age when every organisation should be rightly obsessing about cyber-crime, it’s disturbing that such old style frauds are still taking place.

We detail in today’s story how fraud can hit organisations from any direction- all it requires is a combination of opportunity, pressure or rationalisation.

Given that FDs control an organisation’s finances, and often have oversight of data, they are best placed to meet any threats from fraud or related crimes.

Therefore finance heads need to recognise they truly are on the front line when it comes to fraud prevention.