The level of trust people have in a company is becoming increasingly important.

Every time one of our leading corporates is hit by a major issue, the ripple effects seem to continue- eroding trust in them.

Online coverage and social media don’t just create damage in the first place, they now ensure that it gets harder to repair reputational damage if trust is lost.

In this light, British companies being investigated for corruption and related activities by the SFO, highlighted in today’s interview with Chemring’s FD, may seem harsh- and unfair to them in a fiercely competitive global market.

But in the long run, the transition to becoming the world’s most trusted companies – which they need to undertake- will be hugely advantageous for British corporates.

In the post-Brexit era, British companies will not only need to prove their competitiveness, but also how trusted their brands are- a critical element of why people will want to buy British.