Center Parcs is one of those brands that you feel has been honed to a point where it must be hard to achieve further improvements.

Many of us will know friends and colleagues who will return time and again to the forest village sites the group runs across the UK.

But although its formula has been finessed to the point it had almost full capacity during the financial crisis, there is still work to be done.

In today’s interview, CFO Colin McKinlay explains why he was brought in to bring a powerful new approach- using a digital skillset he developed as UK CFO of travel giant Tui.

The move reveals how Center Parcs, like every organisation, can never rest on its laurels- in the face of economic threats such as Brexit as well as the disruption affecting every industry.

It also underlines the critical role a CFO with the ability to impose new analytical skills can have on a business- delivering long term value creation from a tech enabled business model.