Does using the post cause delays and affect your productivity? With GDPR now in effect and email no longer deemed secure enough to send important documents, are you satisfied that your current system is compliant and meets customer demands?

There’s a complete solution for accountants that takes care of all of that – IRIS OpenSpace. It’s free and you don’t have to be an IRIS customer to sign up.  It’s a safe environment for document exchange, ready to go at the click of a button, that cuts valuable time and costs.

Access it on any device via the web, there’s nothing to install. You can fully customise and personalise it, brand it and embed it on your website.

And we’ve just made OpenSpace even better than before. For greater protection, we’ve introduced two factor authentication. We email you a unique code that ensures nobody else can get in to your account. Password security has also been bolstered, with a new indicator to guide you on how strong yours is.

In today’s digital age can you really afford to rely on traditional methods? Read our information sheet to learn how IRIS OpenSpace can revolutionise your practice.