Not only has Theresa May lost another critical vote on Brexit, the political system is lurching in a new direction.

Control of the Brexit agenda is slipping away from the Government as Parliament seeks to control the process- a free vote for Conservatives in today’s vote on a no-deal Brexit is a powerful signal of this shift.

The third leg of this monumental week will be tomorrow’s vote on extending Article 50- which could then result in a number of possibilities- a second vote, a general election or ultimately a no-deal Brexit.

Business hates uncertainty- and this is uncertainty in spades. No-one understands this more than finance leaders attempting to plan for the future.

Calls for politicians to get a grip from the various business groups sound sensible, but will go unheeded as Brexit tears through party lines, preventing party leaders from asserting control.

More than ever business must nail its colour to the mast- even if that means calling for a second referendum, if there’s no other way out of the impasse.