There’s been much talk about the future of the finance profession- whether it stands up to the challenges created by the era of robots, machine learning and AI. Certainly for many finance professionals, be it accountants in house in or in practice the prospects are daunting.

In recent research the accountant is one of many professionals whose skills are to some degree undermined by technology, and in some cases directly threatened by the capabilities of tech. But look a bit deeper and one professional that comes out very well in these assessments is the Finance Director- by and large they will continue to play a key role in the brave new world that comes next.

That’s because in this fast changing environment, that some call the fourth industrial age, there will always be a requirement for someone who has the expertise to harness all the key elements that these different technologies can bring to an organisation.

By positioning themselves with skills that complement the new technologies, FDs can be at the fulcrum of their organisation’s development. Robots, machine learning and AI will become increasingly valuable for not just driving down costs, but also indicating how and where organisations might deploy their resources next.

But it is the FD who can capture all the insights made available from these technologies and is able to communicate them effectively to the CEO and other decision-makers in order to shape the organisation’s strategy. If anything, the tech-savvy FD has a very bright future ahead.