Brexit means many different things to people, so that even though we are well past the referendum, the fact that we are entering the ‘business phase’ of the divorce process only seems to highlight how uncertain things seem.

For the business community, especially finance directors who play a key role in addressing the risks posed to their organisations, there seems to be no clear sense of how positive or negative the post-Brexit environment will be.

The mood music coming from those running the finance of their organisations seems to change depending on the questions asked. In recent months it has lurched from negative to positive to negative again, depending on what survey results you read. This suggests deep uncertainty.

Today’s story that 130,000 UK firms will have to pay VAT upfront when goods cross the UK/EU border, will almost certainly put a downer on finance chiefs trying to plan ahead. What all FDs must be asking for is as much clarity from government as possible on how the Brexit negotiations are going so that they can make the necessary adjustments.

Financial Director will lead the charge in the weeks and months ahead – demanding straight-talking from our politicians on this and other issues. Watch this space.