The former a fluid resource due to changing priorities, the latter under constant monitoring.

Finance and treasury teams are no exception. Their primary function is to manage cash, liquidity and risk, but typically they are intrinsically time poor. They’re often dealing with disparate teams, technology and banking tools.

We want to assess attitudes to how automated technology adoption can potentially unlock this. Automation is becoming prolific across other business areas, supporting efficiencies, compliance and giving real visibility of cash.

Why do some departments remain fixed in the past?

We want to understand what the appetite is across a range of industries and in the UK’s largest organisations. What does technology adoption within finance and treasury look like as a whole? Are finance and treasury professionals reliant on disparate and outdated technology? What are the barriers to adoption? What are the biggest requirements for enhanced automation and why?

Finance and treasury have the opportunity to embrace technology to drive their departments forward. We want to understand the current environment, the appetite and the opportunity for change.