So, if managers of businesses of nearly any size can make fleet vehicle selections based on accurate Whole Life Cost (WLC) calculations they can reduce their annual fleet running costs by at least £5,000 for every 13 company vehicles you have.

The only snag in the past has been access to affordable WLC calculators. They used to be the preserve of larger firms with deep pockets only. Whole of market WLC calculators generally came bundled within enterprise fleet management software suites, commanding pricey high annual licenses which were beyond the pockets of most Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).

However, ODO is this month changing all that by launching its fully-comprehensive WLC Calculator module as part of its highly-affordable monthly subscription-only, Cloud-based Software as a Service offering which enables even the smallest fleets to buy, sell and manage vehicles in a highly efficient and cost effective manner.

We’ve partnered with Cap hpi to bring SMB fleet managers access to the market’s most accurate and up-to-date used vehicle valuations – helping them to determine when the time is right to dispose of vehicles and select the best new ones to replace them.

Cap hpi is able to assemble very accurate WLC figures because they collect and crunch multiple data feeds on every vehicle sold in the UK. They’ve factored in everything from tyre replacements costs to average fuel consumption. If you add to that the tax implications – based on a car’s original price, the car allowance offered, NI Contributions, VED, VAT, BIK rates and implications for corporation tax payments; then by using ODO you quickly build a highly accurate WLC figure for each vehicle you are considering buying or leasing to add to the corporate fleet.

So, if you are looking to optimise your fleet – buying the most cost effective vehicles for the right number of months to minimise total cost of ownership, please click on the link below to trial ODO’s WLC Calculator: