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US CFOs leverage global IPO surge

Amidst a global IPO boom, US CFOs are presented with a unique opportunity for growth and expansion, leveraging the robust IPO market trends

The second quarter of 2023 has seen a significant surge in global IPO activity, according to EY’s Global IPO Trends report.

The report reveals that the number of IPOs globally has increased by 14% compared to the same period last year, with proceeds rising by 20%.

This surge is driven by a combination of factors, including strong investor appetite, high liquidity, and favourable market conditions.

“Against the backdrop of a divergent global economy and unpredictable geopolitical landscape, some stock markets are reaching a long-time high and enjoying low volatility,” says Paul Go, EY’s Global IPO leader.

“Certain theme-centric sectors such as technology and clean energy are signalling an upswing in IPO activity. Large, well-established companies are demonstrating enduring resilience, while growth narratives with more realistic and acceptable valuation are becoming more receptive by the market.”

Go says companies should prepare now to be “IPO-ready” for any forthcoming windows.

The technology sector has been at the forefront of the current IPO boom, accounting for 20% of the total IPOs and 28% of the total proceeds. This trend reflects the increasing importance of digital transformation and the growing influence of technology companies in the global economy.

US market: A beacon of opportunity for CFOs

For US CFOs, this global trend presents a unique opportunity. The US market has been a significant contributor to the global IPO surge, with the number of IPOs increasing by 15% and proceeds by 22%.

“After rebounding from a 20-year low, fundraising in Americas experienced substantial growth in Q2, driven by a mega spin-off and other larger[1]sized IPOs,” EY’s report said.

In total, the US led the global IPO market in terms of deal numbers and proceeds. The technology sector was the most active, contributing 28% of the total IPOs.

The healthcare sector followed closely, contributing 21% of the total IPOs. This growth has been driven by a combination of factors, including a robust economy, strong investor confidence, and a favourable regulatory environment.

The report highlights the role of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) in driving this growth. SPACs have become an increasingly popular route for companies to go public, offering a faster and more flexible alternative to traditional IPOs.

SPACs accounted for 34% of the total US IPOs and 30% of the total proceeds in the second quarter of 2023.

For CFOs, this trend presents an opportunity to accelerate growth and expansion plans.

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Challenges and strategies for CFOs

Despite the promising trends, CFOs face several challenges in navigating the IPO landscape. These include managing the complexities of the IPO process, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining investor confidence.

To address these challenges, CFOs need to adopt a strategic approach. This includes conducting thorough due diligence, developing a robust IPO strategy, and building strong relationships with investors.

The report also emphasizes the importance of digital transformation in the IPO process. CFOs need to leverage technology to streamline the IPO process, improve efficiency, and enhance transparency.

This includes using advanced analytics to gain insights into investor behaviour, leveraging blockchain technology to improve security and transparency, and adopting artificial intelligence to automate routine tasks.

The road ahead: Navigating the IPO landscape

Looking ahead, the report predicts that the IPO market will remain robust in the second half of 2023, driven by strong investor appetite and favourable market conditions.

However, CFOs need to be mindful of potential risks, including market volatility, regulatory changes, and geopolitical uncertainties.

For US CFOs, the key to success lies in leveraging the opportunities presented by the IPO surge while effectively managing the associated risks. This requires a strategic approach, a focus on digital transformation, and a commitment to building strong relationships with investors.

The global IPO surge presents a unique opportunity for US CFOs to drive growth and expansion. By leveraging the robust market trends and adopting a strategic approach, CFOs can navigate the IPO landscape and achieve their growth objectives.


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