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Why CFOs are turning to hosting as they move to in-house accounts

IRIS discusses hosting for finance departments and its alternatives, and how finance departments can gain the benefits of hosting

So, you’ve realised the benefits of running accounts in-house rather than outsourcing.

You want to make the move to improve visibility, control, and save your organisation significantly on costs.

And you’ve seen the great benefits that IRIS accountancy software can bring to your employer.

But you’ve then discovered it can take many months to set up and deploy the software because of internal security and privacy procedures that have been put in place by your IT department.

Some organisations can have very stringent IT operations and, if they are taking on new software only relevant to the finance department, it can be very difficult to get it set up and brought on board.

Some CFOs have reported having to go through a conference call involving 30 senior managers to assess whether a software provider passes numerous tests before they can get approval. These issues can relate to budget, security, infrastructure or privacy.

But if the decision can be taken outside the IT operation, sometimes it can be easier to push through without having to go through that lengthy and frustrating approval process.

Is there a way around this?

Yes. The way we do it is through IRIS Hosting – essentially putting your finance department and our accountancy software in the cloud. By doing so, you isolate your finance team’s IT from the wider organisation’s network. Many businesses who have adopted it already have found this means avoiding the usual hold ups involved in the IT approval process.

You get a fully virtualised, secure and continually updated IT environment with independent working platform for your accountancy software.

And, in terms of approvals, for those already with IRIS or those about to partner with us, you get the benefit from the ‘one supplier relationship’. The due diligence and checks have already been carried out on IRIS, making the move to Hosting even easier.

Value for money

There are many other good reasons that CFOs might want to consider choosing IRIS Hosting.

Firstly, there’s value for money. Hosted assets can be scaled upward and downward quickly against an agreed cost structure, so IT spend can be more closely aligned with growth, and Finance Directors can keep related costs in-sync with business levels.

Costs for IT security are also kept in check. Keeping IT up to date is expensive and the costs of a breach can be severe but with Hosting you get highly secure protection and continual updates without having to take any action yourself.

Furthermore, many customers say that the experience of using a Hosted system is more satisfying because they always have the latest versions and the latest functions.

A wide range of benefits

There are many advantages that IRIS Hosting can provide your corporation, including:

  • Our hosted system will make your applications run about four times faster
  • Confidence that critical software and accounts are only available to the right people in your organisation
  • Improved Productivity:Hosting makes your key applications more accessible, so rather than being bound to a single location or machine, they can access the tools they need when travelling, offsite or out of hours
  • A hosted system can also respond more flexibly to changing business requirements because they can be deployed without installing new hardware and software
  • Hosting also allows companies to support new business models, harmonise systems with new acquisitions, and more easily test new markets

Want to gain the benefits from IRIS Hosting for your finance department? We can help you understand more and discuss options for getting your organisation set up.

Give us a call on 0344 844 9644 or email [email protected].

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