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Digestible data is key, but the process doesn’t need to be complicated

The disconnect between finance teams and other departments can be an overlooked efficiency killer - Ashley Crossey, bluQube

Communication between various departments is key to how efficiently they operate, making sure everyone can keep track of goals and debt management, as well as monitoring KPIs. However, communication alone is usually not enough – meet the world of interoperability.

No more spreadsheets, data that completes tasks for you!

Having a fully interoperable system will completely transform the way you work and streamline your day to day operations – it’s all you really need!

Accounting software that uses the data it already has to produce your reports for you, as well as everything else, is all possible with interoperability and increases efficiency. This lets you get on with the important tasks rather than the repetitive, clerical work – saying goodbye to spreadsheets once and for all!

Having a system which uses interoperability also increases the security of your data. No longer will you need to import/export spreadsheets that could risk your GDPR compliance. All data is contained with the finance system. Additional integrations which help you get your job done is something that many providers boast, however it doesn’t always improve efficiency, if anything it gives you more work to do or the feature isn’t useful – and it will be something you’re paying for!

Despite this, it’s still surprisingly rare to find a solution that’s capable of this, but thanks to our experienced development team we know for a fact we can deliver a fully interoperable system which prevents overcomplications. Doesn’t it all sound simple?

Spread workload and speed up

The key benefit of having a devolved and intuitive finance system is the ability to allow various departments to access the finance system remotely whilst still ensuring data is secure.

No longer will finance teams end up with paperwork from all aspects of the business landing on their desks – it can now be input by each department independently.

Removing unnecessary stress from your finance team is never a bad thing. We make sure everybody is working smarter, not harder! This devolving approach to finance, paired with interoperability, is allowing all departments to streamline their financial operations – who wouldn’t want that? Interoperability allows for data to be shared from various systems into your finance system in real-time, creating a super-efficient solution.

Enhanced accuracy

You now have departments adding financial data direct from it’s source. With interoperability on your side, this will be the first and last time the data will be keyed into the system. Constantly rekeyed data is never reassuring from an accuracy point of view and interoperability prevents this from happening.

Once data is input, it can then be accessed and reported in all ways possible, manipulated directly from its source – no more retracing your steps or looking for errors that have been overlooked. If you feel as though your finance data could be getting lost in translation, you most probably have an unforeseen error deep within your data already.

Today, accounting software should not be leaving you with uncertainty – and interoperability is the answer!

The end product

Effective, rigorous reporting should not have to mean incorporating a long-winded, manual process to improve accuracy – it should be quite the opposite. A smooth, clear, concise and automated finance system is what you should be looking for and interoperability is the best way to achieve this!

Digestible Data is Key, but the Process doesn’t need to be Complicated

-What would you like to get from your software?

-What do you actually get from your software?

-Does your software help you do repetitive, clerical tasks? Or, even better, does it do them for you?

-Is it time to review your software?

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