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Experiencing 'tomorrow, today' at Oracle MBX

Finance directors are seeking ways they can help their organisations address growing risks and drive value creation. Oracle’s MBX event will provide many of the answers they are seeking.

Being able to adapt quickly is now a necessity for any financial director. In an ever changing world, where organisations are under increasing pressure to adapt- having the right tools at your disposal is critical.

That’s because the environment in which FDs are now operating is undergoing rapid change, be it fast changing consumer tastes and expectations or increasing regulatory scrutiny.

It might also be that their organisation is facing increasing levels of disruption from competitors, which demand their businesses are run in a more dynamic fashion.

The faster FDs can learn to adapt, the faster they can evolve their skillset and the business model of their organisation to address these challenges.

In this respect, Oracle’s Modern Business Experience – a one day executive forum at the InterContinental London – The O2 on 18 April, will help you to explore ways to accelerate your business through transformation and growth.

The event will provide guidance on how to leverage key and emerging technologies to increase agility, achieve more with less resources, and out-innovate your competition.

By learning directly from leaders and innovators from a diverse range of industries including retail, manufacturing, finance services and the public sector, you can see how a dynamic mind set can be developed.

The event will play a host to many of Oracle’s most innovative and forward thinking leaders including CEO Mark Hurd and Thomas Kurian, President of Product Development.

There are also plenty of other leading edge figures speaking at the event including Deloitte’s Head of Digital Strategy Consulting Matthew Guest and Ray Wang, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research.

Through a combination of different examples on show, attendees will be able to gain ideas, insights and intelligence to put into action best practice approaches.

Experiencing tomorrow today

The over-arching theme of the event is showcasing ‘tomorrow, today’, revealing how the Oracle’s suite of solutions across software, the cloud and other technologies can aid FDs drive value in their organisations.

Included in the presentation will be the voices of Oracle customers who have been able to benefit from working with the world’s second largest software company.

Amongst them is Lloyds Banking Group which has deployed Oracle’s cloud enterprise planning (ERP) software across its Halifax and Bank of Scotland units, and is looking to roll it out across the Lloyds bank businesses.

“When we started our finance transformation effort to modernise our systems infrastructure, we needed a flexible solution that reduced our cost profile, mandated standardised best practice processes, and accelerated our ability to uptake innovative technology,” says Matthew Trager, Head of Finance Business Architecture, Lloyds Banking Group.

“Oracle ERP Cloud met these and all of our functional and security requirements, giving us the agility to react and grow in a hyper-competitive business environment,” adds Trager.

Amongst the breadth of technologies being discussed at the event will be Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and other leading edge technologies that CFOs can apply to their core business processes.

Through utilising these technologies, FDs can optimise the performance of their organisations through working with other functions such as HR and sales and marketing, which will also be addressed at the event.

By having the tools to maximise the value creating ability of each function, a silo-based mentality can be eradicated and costs reduced.

All these elements will come together to show best practice can deliver an approach to creating smarter functions, such as improving reporting frameworks. Along the way, complex challenges such as GDPR, can be addressed.

FDs will be able to discover best-in-class solutions to help drive deep real time business insights, increase productivity, and lower costs.

With these targets achieved, the ultimate goals of transformation and innovation – key priorities for organisations – can be driven by finance.

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