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Baker Tilly name change will “strengthen brand”, says Longe

Firm to rebrand to RSM as part of plan as part of global move to unite under one brand

BAKER TILLY’S adoption of the RSM name will “strengthen” the firm’s position in the UK’s mid-market, managing partner Laurence Longe claims.

Baker Tilly, along with other RSM member firms, will rebrand to simply ‘RSM’. The move follows other major networks incorporating a single name across their firms, including the Big Four, BDO in 2009 and Grant Thornton in 2008.

Despite the name change, Longe pledged the firm would “stay true” to its roots and “continue to maintain the core essence and legacy of the Baker Tilly brand”.

“Adopting RSM as our name will simply accelerate our path to a recognised unified global brand and strategy. It will reinforce our focus on becoming the leading adviser to the middle market by ensuring that our clients receive consistent global services, irrespective of international borders,” Longe said.

“Our clients can be confident that wherever they do business, they will continue to receive a consistently high quality and seamless service from member firms that share the same values and understanding of their local market. Adopting the RSM name simply enables us to work even more effectively in all countries around the world.”

Baker Tilly joined the RSM international network in April 2014, following its decision to leave its eponymous network Baker Tilly International.

Baker Tilly International eventually replaced their firm with MHA MacIntyre Hudson in October last year. There are currently no suggestions of a rebrand in turn, but such a move could prove difficult with Longe’s firm retaining Baker Tilly’s naming rights.

Baker Tilly was ranked 7th in last year’s Accountancy Age Top 50+50, with a fee income of £246m.

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